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We are invested in your goals as much as you are. Do you want to create an online presence that will increase your clientele? Are you interested in becoming the top Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills? We want to hear all about it. To establish and maintain a successful brand, foremost, we need to examine the definition of success for you. Brand Building is a customized process that entails a thorough research. We will build an ambitious network and create a dedicated team to ensure you achieve your goals. We require a six month commitment to provide desired results.

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We are committed to building content that attracts your target audience. Without compelling content, a clever strategy and a talented team, its impossible to succeed in today’s market. It’s not just managing content on Instagram, we encourage our clients to invest in building a digital ecosystem to become top-of-mind on all channels. Our expertise of understanding all channels gives us a further advantage to create content in any media format (not limited to newsletter, IGTV, photography, podcast, videography etc.).


To become top-of-mind for your specialty or to promote your product, we encourage our clients to invest in content distribution. Without paid media support, content can only go so far. For distribution, depending on campaign goals we can seed content (republish content on like-minded accounts and sites), or create targeted social media ads to achieve our target.


We strongly encourage our clients to book staff training and workshop programs to ensure their company is up to date regarding digital media. Whether you are interested in building an in-house media team or outsource your marketing to an agency, our training includes fundamental understanding of result driven marketing catered to your industry. We present "Certificate of Completion" after training program is completed.


It’s our forte to cultivate a community and engage on your behalf on digital media. We create campaigns to strengthen your relationships with industry leaders and key accounts. We build a team of loyal brand ambassadors to increase your influence within the industry. We network with like-minded influencers to grow your visibility and increase credibility. Every connection we make will benefit your business.


It takes seven touch-points before you can convert a potential viewer to become a customer. Our research team will analyze the current landscape to identify the key players and platforms. Understanding the dynamics of the present moment will allow us to formulate the perfect strategy for your brand. We also recommend signing up for our complimentary newsletter to get your daily dose of industry updates.


We design user, and mobile friendly websites that increases ROI for our clients. We specialize in building branding and e-commerce websites. We optimize content on site to ensure it is SEO friendly. We create tactical strategies to increase high quality link building. We also provide copy-writing services to produce timely content on company blog to increase visibility and grow website traffic.


We are passionate about helping brands reach their highest potential


During the initial 45 minute call, Sera Alper will help you identify setbacks that hold your business back. We love motivating businesses and encourage them to unlock their fullest potential. The coaching call will be one-on-one through video chat or voice call. The call will be recorded.

Cancellation & Refund Policy: We will issue full refund for cancellation if our team is notified 24 hours prior to call.

Contact us for any questions:

We take pride in working with the most talented team to ensure our effort brings value into your business.
— Sera Alper, Founder & CEO of Localite Productions

Who is Sera Alper?

Sera Alper is the definition of a go-getter. She is the name behind the successful medical web series “Real Caregivers, Real Stories” which generated over 13 million views. Her forward thinking has allowed her to capitalize on opportunities that contributed to “media firsts” within the healthcare industry. Sera has unified healthcare professionals across specialties and built a vast community of medical influencers. Her creative vision has lead to the massive transformation of allheart’s media platforms to become one of the most influential accounts within the medical industry.

Sera has organized outreach missions in Haiti, Honduras, Philippines, Turkey, Uganda, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. After experiencing Period Poverty, Sera decided to launch PMSBOX a monthly subscription that includes organic products to improve menstruation. With every box sold, PMSBOX donates menstrual supplies to one in need.

Prior to relocating to Los Angeles, Sera lived abroad in Istanbul for six years and managed the social media departments at MEC and Tribal. Sera worked on campaigns for  a variety of global clients (not limited to) Bayer, Colgate, IKEA, L'Oréal, Nespresso, Pepsi, Red Bull, and Sony. Sera holds a Bachelors of Art degree from the University of Massachusetts with a double major in Communication & Psychology and minor in Information & Technology.

When she is not working, Sera is teaching her rescue cat from Istanbul, how to play fetch.


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 “Ms. Sera Alper is a phenom of social media managing. In a time where social media marketing has become pivotal in the business world, Sera thrives in utilizing this platform to benefit her associates. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with her on numerous projects associated with allheart. Working with Sera has granted me the opportunity to maximize my exposure. She has connected me to various companies and has also introduced me to opportunities outside of the business sphere due to my affiliation with her and allheart. The opportunity to collaborate has played a vital role in enabling my own influence in my community through social media. I have had opportunities to outreach and engage with thousands of people, stemming from being on board with Sera’s vision. Sera has successfully founded a community of ambassadors, fostered many alliances and has unified medical professionals from all walks of life, through social media. With her development of allheart’s media platforms and the masterpiece “Real Caregivers”, Sera has built a vast social network that promotes brand awareness, but also intertwines medical success and humanitarian triumph.

Sera holds the characteristics of the optimal associate. She is driven, organized, knowledgeable, professional and hardworking. She has an innate and unhindered ability to create, she always seeks new means of innovation and ways to surpass expectations. Sera holds an ability to manage multiple components of numerous projects simultaneously and streamline each aspect fluidly. Sera is a leader and facilitator, she is meticulous, thorough, efficient and remarkably timely, as she is able to ensure that each detail is considered, every objective is completed, and any concern is acknowledged and managed. With her application of these attributes, the execution of each company project is always seamless. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Sera Alper, I continue to look forward to future collaborative endeavors, and her own individual success and progress in her field.”

Jennaire Lewars, MD

Having worked in healthcare and marketing I find Sera to be a shining star. She infuses passion in all projects. I have seen her grow the allheart social media into a influential platform. I have even incorporated her messaging techniques into my own platforms. She is professional, approachable and easily relatable. She is an invaluable asset to the organizations she represents.”

Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD

“I have had the privilege of knowing Sera Alper for almost two years now. I have proudly watched as she took the allheart Social media page on as her personal “baby” and has grown it into the mega account that it is now. I have unofficially worked with Sera multiple times over the past year for projects including the very successful and popular project that Sera is the mastermind behind: “Real Caregivers Real Stories”, which focuses on introducing and connecting the world with the lives of medical professionals and students who are working to make a positive change in the industry and their communities. In addition, as of December 2017 I have come on board as an official member of the allheart social media influencer team which I am very proud to have the title and distinction of.

Sera’s mind is fascinating, she creates a vision and gets it executed to perfection; She does not do anything partially, she gives it her all every time and it is evident in her work performance and project results. Sera also has professional photography expertise and has such a creative mind that can create an idea out of left field and turn it into something magnificent. I am very proud to work alongside her in collaborations and contributions and look forward to working with Sera on upcoming projects this year in addition to seeing how she continues to elevate and grow professionally.”

Brianna D. Armour, EMT

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sera on multiple occasions since the beginning of our partnership with allheart. I would highly recommend her for any task that she is specialized in. Since we began working together we have collaborated on many initiatives/projects and because of her vision at allheart we have seen LifeThreads grow socially and financially. Sera takes the time with each project to design and deliver perfectly, and that shows with her all of her work.”

Tyler Mutz, National Sales Director for LifeThreads Scrubs  

“I collaborate with Sera on various social media initiatives for our company. She is extremely detail-oriented, creative, and has exceptional follow through, which is crucial in the fast pace social media environment. She is very knowledgeable on all things digital marketing including: overarching strategy, content creation, influencer relations, and brand community. I highly recommend working with Sera, as she will successfully execute any task and exceed expectations. Sera's outgoing personality and confidence, innate ability to think outside the box, and passion for what she does, makes her a pleasure to work with.

Sivonna Haas, Former Social Media Manager at Barco Uniforms

“Sera is a smart and extremely talented social manager with keen insight and intuition. She is proactive, sincere and focused on delivering compelling social experiences. It has been a pleasure working with her and identifying how our companies can grow together. We look forward to continuing our work with Sera in developing our social efforts.”

Carly Rosa Mooney,

Former Director of Brand Management at Landau Uniforms

“I remember meeting Sera through allheart scrubs. She is very amazing in social media marketing amongst other things! I had the pleasure of seeing her growth as well as her potential. She is very dedicated to her career and she is a people’s person. She is someone who gets the job done. Sera had given me the opportunity to showcase my nursing student background on her platform when I was a junior in college. She is driven she created her own lane and isn’t afraid to share it with others. She is a team player who is professional and exemplifies what a hard worker is. Sera is a leader that possesses traits that every girl boss should have.

Sera is dedicated to not only aid in health care but she is dedicated to provide for those who are less fortunate and provide to them the necessities they need as young women/women. She connects with others on a deeper level. It is a pleasure to have met someone like her. I am glad to have met her through networking. Sera is going very far in life!”

Eldica Stuart, Nursing Student & Influencer

“Sera is a passionate, talented, and driven individual. She has the ability to take on any challenge or task given to her with the promise of exceeding expectations. Her attention to detail, willingness to teach, and easy-going personality make it easy to work with her. I would recommend Sera to individuals or companies who are trying to grow their presence on social media. She has unique ability to assist clients in reaching their full potential.

Essa Waag

“I have worked as a brand ambassador within the group of social media influencers that Sera created at allheart. Over the past year, Sera took the social media pages of allheart (scrubs and medical supplies retailer) and made it so much more than an online store. She turned it into a place of medical inspiration, a place that connected people from all backgrounds and places in medicine. She built their Instagram page to almost 80K followers through her innovative use of influencers and sharing the world’s medical photos. Her movement in beginning Real Caregivers Real Stories shows Sera’s humanistic side and was SUCH a fresh idea in marketing. She has built something that facilitates a medical community now, which is what allheart embodies as a retailer of a huge variety of brands.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Sera. She is easy to contact, quick to respond, and one of the hardest workers I’ve met. She gets things done! I am confident that Sera would have similar success in other marketing fields, as well, due to her drive to accomplish her goals.”

Tiffany Sinclair, Resident

“I am a medical influencer for Instagram, through allheart. Sera has built a community, that she manages, called allheart squad, which is comprised of a group of medical influencers. It has been an absolute pleasure working with her. She is fast paced in completing tasks, while remaining very detail oriented. She ensures that work is completed, and offers different approaches and tactics to fit the various styles of influences in our group. She is also open to new ideas, and excels in her ability to take our ideas, devise a workable plan, and manage them through to completion. This was exemplified when I decided to embark on a medical outreach mission in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. She quickly devised a plan for me, and connected me with vendors, that were avid to contribute to the initiative, that resulted in a great success.

She maintains such a great relationship and rapport with vendors; as a result, they are enthusiastic and confident in her requests. Her interpersonal skills are highlighted when connecting us with appropriate vendors that are needed to execute our ideas and assignments. She keeps update with new changes, regulations and implementations within the industry, and ensures that we are all throughly informed. She is a forward thinker, and seeks to capitalize on opportunities that will contribute to social media growth. She offers the perfect balance by addressing and meeting our needs, while ensuring that the integrity and visions of the company are upheld. ”

Zovel Olivia Hyre, Medical Influencer

“I collaborate with Sera on my social media accounts and she organizes different events for our social group of ambitious ladies . She is a go-getter , amazing organizator, detail-oriented, creative, always follows up with every single person, she makes sure everything goes exactly as planned!

Expert in digital marketing, content creation, and a professional networker. I highly recommend to collaborate with Sera, she will go above and beyond your expectations!”

Iwona Golojuch-Riley, Influencer

“Sera Alper is the most honest, driven individual that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She’s a social media genius, able to find and connect with audiences in all situations. For example, her “Real Caregivers” series for a medical apparel company where she shared medical professionals not on a pedestal like we’re so used to seeing, but as humans with struggles, backstories, and emotions that we could all relate to and see ourselves in.

As a business owner, she excels in forming relationships with other brands and believes in transparency which makes her amazing to work with and for. Her expectations in the beginning are as clear as her gratitude in the end. Everything she does, she does with heart and grit and brings a slew of assets to the table as a collaborator and brand builder.”

Valeri Santa Cruz, Composer

“I've been approached by many individuals asking to market my brand, and Sera was the only one I truly felt comfortable with. It is important to not understate how well she works to achieve success while maintaining a key human connection. When working with her not only do you feel like you have extra help to get to your goals, you also have someone who truly supports you in a way a friend would. This makes working with her such a pleasure.”

Nasir Malim DO, MPH

“I have worked with Sera on several projects and she is easily one of the best to work with. She is clear with her instructions and her vision is second to none. I have seen her work wonders for countless brands and she is an incredible asset for any company. Sera was my director for an extremely successful campaign called Real Caregivers and I had the pleasure to see that grow through the years.

We traveled to several cities around the country visually telling stories that went on to garner over 10 million views online. Her work ethic and drive to succeed is infectious and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.”

Joshua Ortiz, Videographer

I have known Sera for 3 years through my partnership with allheart Scrubs and have gotten to know her both professionally and personally. Sera is a hardworking, driven, creative, and passionate individual who works tirelessly to achieve her goals. During her time at allheart, Sera’s achievements did not go unnoticed. She was solely responsible for building a community of medical influencers called the allheart Squad, growing allheart’s social media presence from just a few thousand followers to 90K followers, and producing the interview series Real Caregivers Real Stories. In just 3 short years, Sera has made alheart into the social media giant that it is today and has made allheart a household name in the medical community. Aside from her professional skills and achievements, Sera has much to offer as a person. She is kind, loving, and compassionate as evidenced by her self-started company PMSBOX, an organization that gives back to those in need. Sera has been nothing but a pleasure to work with over the last few years, and I am honored to call her my colleague and friend. 

Victoria Lu, DO Candidate

When I met Sera, I was a military mom in nursing school, eager to share my message. Despite my modest Instagram following, She gave me my first major takeover opportunity with allheart. Under her guidance, my following has tripled and has expanded to veterans, the fitness and CrossFit community, parents, and healthcare professionals. She encouraged building community and I am still in close contact with the people I encountered through allheart.

Jeannie Jaffa, RN


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Welcome to our “Influencer Portal”. We connect influencers with their choice of brand:). Take a look at the most active campaigns. If you are interested in participating, check out below and click the link where it says “sign me in”.

If you can’t find the category you are looking for, click here to send us a message to get on our mailing list. We will send you a notification once your category is active. Signing up does not guarantee you will be selected by the brand to participate. Enjoy browsing through our influencer campaigns! If you have a brand and would like to feature it under “Influencer Campaigns”, send us a message.


Campaign Name: Cereal

Category: Health, Fitness, Nutrition

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest

Location: US

Company Name: Obvi.

Obvi. Multi Collagen Protein is a non-GMO, gluten-free and keto friendly flavored collagen.

Company Website:


Expectation from Influencer: Obvi. will send a box of collagen protein with a flavor of your choice in return for a review on influencers social media account. The influencer is expected to post a photo or video featuring the product on their account a week after receiving the product.

Requirements: 10,000 Followers. High Quality Content.

Compensation: Free Product


Campaign Name: Masculine

Category: Jewelry, Accessories, Style, Men Fashion

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest

Location: US

Company Name: Jewels for Men

Mert Dogru is a 3D jewelry designer. For his fathers birthday he decided to gift him a hand-made piece and JFM was born.

Company Website:


Expectation from Influencer: Jewelry for Men will send a jewelry of your choice in return for a review on influencers social media account. The influencer is expected to post a photo or video featuring the product on their account a week after receiving the product.

Requirements: 10,000 Followers. High Quality Content.

Compensation: Free Product


Campaign Name: Summer Style

Category: Jewelry, Accessories, Style, Fashion, Personalized

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest

Location: US

Company Name: Dainty&Gold

Dainty&Gold was created by Melissa and her sister as a reflection of their minimalist and elegant style. Every single piece of Dainty&Gold is designed with love.

Company Website:

Expectation from Influencer: Dainty&Gold will send a jewelry of your choice in return for a review on influencers social media account. The influencer is expected to post a photo or video featuring the product on their account a week after receiving the product.

Requirements: 10,000 Followers. High Quality Content.

Compensation: Free Product


Campaign Name: LA Vibes

Category: Jewelry, Accessories, Style, Fashion

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest

Location: US

Company Name: Rosemore LA

Company Website:


Expectation from Influencer: Rosemore LA will send a jewelry of your choice in return for a review on influencers social media account. The influencer is expected to post a photo or video featuring the product on their account a week after receiving the product.

Requirements: 10,000 Followers. High Quality Content.

Compensation: Free Product